We are looking for partners to cooperate in bringing forward the foundation's purposes. Cooperations partners may be individuals, public institutions and other non-profit organizations.

We want to support activities that connect the topics of care and climate in diverse ways:

  • educational events, workshops, lectures, days of action that promote solidarity and sustainable activities,
  • information stands, street projects or demonstrations that aim to inform and educate,
  • activities to set up or develop sustainable and care-centered communities and commons.

If you are not sure whether your project fits in here, please contact us at care-for-future@posteo.de.

If you already have detailed ideas, please send us a first short sketch to care-for-future@posteo.de. If your project fits our funding guidelines, we invite you to a zoom meeting to discuss the project design and the further procedure. It is important to us that a project that we are supporting or carrying out together is very well documented so that it may also be an inspiration for other care and climate related activist groups.